On-the-Fly Thermal Profiling

2800W Total System Power
Dual HD Camera with Diffused Lighting

Motorized Placement Head with Force Feedback Sensor


On-the-Fly Thermal Profiling.

The software includes an intuitive user interface with password protected user levels and 12 different language settings. Four thermocouple inputs are available for live solder joint temperature display, and adjustments can be made on-the-fly to build successful thermal profiles in minimal attempts. There is no need to abort the process and start over when the thermal profile shows signs of failure.


Convection Heating

2800W Total System Power.

The Scorpion includes 3 independently controlled convection heaters for added flexibility when building thermal profiles. The top reflow heater and its nozzle focus heat to the targeted component without reflowing other nearby parts. The pre-heater uniformly warms the entire PCB, and its patented dual-zone design allows the operator to safely rework double-sided circuit boards without the risk of reflowing bottom-side components.



Dual HD Camera with Diffused LED Light.

The Scorpion features a unique dual-HD camera assembly for selectable top, bottom, and overlapped views. Unlike prism assemblies, the Scorpion’s dual-camera system is less susceptible to vibration and requires less maintenance. This vision system features an 8X digital zoom and diffused LED lighting for shadow-free component visualization and alignment.

Profile-AutoLeadFree Profile-AutoLeadFree


Motorized Placement Head with Force Feedback Sensor.

Dedicated reflow and placement heads accelerate the rework process and eliminate the need to cool the machine before placing a new component. The motorized placement nozzle with force-sensitive feedback accurately picks and places components without disturbing its construction or solder.

Profile-AutoLeadFree Profile-AutoLeadFree


Building Thermal Profiles

Thermal Calibration Tutorial

Optical Calibration Tutorial

Auto-Focus Camera Accessory

Reflow Nozzle with Tweezers

Component Print Stencil Tutorial

Scorpion XL Rework System

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