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Advanced Package Rework

APR Qualification Registration Form

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Step 1: Representative Information

* Name:
* Firm:
* Telephone:
* Email:

Step 2: Distributor Information (if involved)

Is an End User Approved, Distributor involved?

Step 3: Customer Information


Step 4: Opportunity Information

*Part No.:

Board Size:


Board Material:

*Component Type

Upload Image or PDF of the Component (file upload must be 5MB or less):

*Pitch Sizes:
*Solder Alloy:

*Flux Type:

*Existing Equipment:
*Expected Purchase Date:
*Expected Delivery Date:
*Approved Distributor:
*Purchase Window:

Step 5: Competitor Information

Competitor Name:
Competitor Part No.:
Competitor Price:
Competitor Website:

Step 6: Notes


Step 7: Submit